2016-2017 Compliance Reporting

The data presented below represents 可靠的网赌平台's compliance with legislative mandates.

I. Act 1465 Strategic Plans

II. House Concurrent Resolutions 197 and 69


  1. Purpose and Mission
  2. Admissions Standards
    LSU Alexandria follows the Louisiana Board of Regents admissions standards set for public higher education institutions. LSU Alexandria is a Tier III institution under admissions guidelines. Admissions Standards are based on the student's entry status and age. Re-entry students (students who have a transcript record from a previous semester at LSU Alexandria as a regular student) can be re-admitted upon completion of a new application and provision of official transcripts from other schools attended.  Re-entry students will be admitted on probation if their cumulative GPA is below a 2.0.
  3. Student Profile
  4. Tuition/Fees, and Cost of Attendance
  5. Financial Aid Awards by type of Award (Fall 2017)
  6. Affordability (all figures below are based on Fall 2017)
    1. The average amount of student loans was $3,892.00
    2. 2194 students received financial aid
    3. Average amount of financial aid dollars awarded Fall 2017 was $4,874.00
    4. Foundation Scholarships - 193 students received a foundation scholarship for an average of $659.00
    5. Institutional Scholarships - 785 students received an institutional scholarship for an average of $737.00
  7. Institution's statistics regarding crime on campus. (Please click link and scroll to the bottom of the page.)


  1. 59.84% of lower-level classes are taught by full-time faculty
  2. Average teaching load by discipline and average credits hours taught Faculty Workload AY 2016-17
  3. Number and type of general education courses required
  4. Process for evaluating the effectiveness of each program (Schematic of Policy 225)
  5. Explanation of student outcomes expected in each program: Each academic program at 可靠的网赌平台 has clearly defined learning outcomes, assesses the extent to which students achieve those outcomes, and uses the results of the assessment for program improvement. The Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Results for each 可靠的网赌平台 degree, as of academic year 2015-2016, follows in the linked pages.
    1. Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
    2. Bachelor of Arts in English
    3. Bachelor of Arts in History
    4. Bachelor of Science in Biology
    5. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    6. Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
    7. Bachelor of Science in Elder Care Administration
    8. Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    9. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
    10. Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science
    11. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    12. Bachelor of Science in Psychology
    13. Bachelor of General Studies with concentrations in:
      1. Arts Management
      2. Biology
      3. Chemistry
      4. Elder Care Administration
      5. Health Sciences
      6. Humanities
      7. Kinesiology
      8. Political Science
      9. Psychology
      10. Visual and Performing Arts
    14. Associate of Arts
    15. Associate of Science
    16. Associate of Science in Care and Development of Young Children
    17. Associate of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science
    18. Associate of Science in Nursing
    19. Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology
    20. Certificate in Pharmacy Technology
    21. Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Early Childhood Education
    22. Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Special Education, Grades 1-5
    23. Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Special Education, Grades 6-12
    24. Certification-Only Program Alternative Path, Elementary Grades 1-5
    25. Certification-Only Program Alternative Path, Health & PE Grades K-12
    26. Certification-Only Program Alternative Path, Secondary Education Grades 6-12
  6. There are two components to satisfactory academic progress for students. Academically, students must meet certain scholastic requirements to remain eligible to attend LSU Alexandria. Additionally, in order to receive federal financial aid, students must meet the federal definition of satisfactory academic progress (click link and scroll down). Students who do not meet these requirements may submit an appeal to the financial aid appeals committee. If approved, aid may be granted for one or more semesters depending on student progress.
  7. 64.3% of faculty members possess the highest degree possible in their given fields of study
  8. Measurements of student satisfaction from Annual Survey of Students 2017
  9. Measurements of employee satisfaction Annual Survey of Faculty Spring 2017; Annual Survey of Staff Spring 2017; Part-Time Adjunct Faculty Survey Spring 2015
  10. Admission rates of baccalaureate degree recipients into graduate programs: According to the GRAD Act Reporting Guidelines (Attachment B), “Placement rates of graduates” and “Placement of graduates in post graduate training” are targeted measures for Law Centers and Health Sciences Centers.
  11. The Board of Regents, in conjunction with the institutions' management boards, coordinated with the Louisiana Workforce Commission to produce the 2011 Louisiana Employment Outcomes Report.  可靠的网赌平台 Response to Board of Regents: 2011 Louisiana Employment Outcomes report.


Compliance Reporting