Strategic Plan

LSU of Alexandria 2021-2026 

The 可靠的网赌平台 Strategic Plan was developed over a period of 18 months. Organized by the office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, these efforts included focus groups and individual discussions with stakeholders, open forums on campus, and review by the university’s senior leadership. The culmination was a retreat in the Fall of 2021, attended by key leaders who brought to the discussion feedback and ideas from faculty, staff, and students, as well as from members of the community. The plan was finalized in late 2022 and posted on the university website in February 2023.


LSU of Alexandria will be recognized across the state of Louisiana and beyond as a destination of choice for the outstanding undergraduate experience it offers.


LSU of Alexandria is committed to providing students the education, skills, development and other resources needed to establish the foundation for their future success. We create a welcoming environment that includes critical thinking, experiential learning, civic engagement and community partnerships.


Truth » 可靠的网赌平台 is committed to the pursuit of truth, wherever it may lead.

Autonomy » 可靠的网赌平台 recognizes the broad freedom to design and execute a life plan consistent with one’s principled beliefs.

Community » 可靠的网赌平台 is comprised of dedicated, caring individuals who treat each other as family and operate as a team.

Perspective » 可靠的网赌平台 strives to assist students and other members of its community understand the diverse viewpoints and worldviews generated by the many cultures across the state, the nation and the globe.

Strategic Plan

    History & Context
    Strategic Goal 1: Holistic Student Development & Academic Excellence
    Strategic Goal 2: Strong Connection to Our Communities
    Strategic Goal 3: Vibrant Campus Environment
    Strategic Goal 4: Infrastructure & Operations